What is so good on Good Friday?

Good Friday.  Image composite from images courtesy of pixabay.com

Why is Good Friday a good day instead of a bad day?  I still remember Fr. Peter, who is guiding our monthly recollection, saying: “Suffering is never a good thing! Death is not Good News! So what is so good on Good Friday?”

In fact, Good Friday is the most holy and crucial day for all Christians, commemorating a day of suffering and death of Jesus. It is a dark and sorrowful event because Jesus confronted all kinds of bad news such as: rejection, fear, pain, injustice, condemnation, abandonment, despair and sorrow. He did not want to die as a human but because for all of us He accepted all. And because of us He obeyed the will of the Father until His last breath.

Therefore, Good Friday is good because Christ showed His great love for us. He paid for our salvation by His very own blood. It is a day that gives us hope and joy of Easter.  So no meaning of Easter Sunday if there is no Good Friday. Conversely no meaning of Good Friday if there is no Easter Sunday.

Thus, Good Friday gives us hope and trust. No matter how we suffer from fear, despair, rejection, pain, sorrow and injustice, God is always with us. He knows all that we go through because He has been there. He has undergone all our experiences. Above all, He broke His life open, giving Himself away on the cross to atone for our iniquities. So whenever we suffer, we try to gaze upon the crucifixion because God is always at our side and intimately in pain with us.

It is a call for us to be instruments of hope and trust of Jesus’ resurrection for others by breaking our life open and going out from safe spaces.

The cross is the place we encounter with God. It is a place where we receive divine forgiveness, mercy and peace. And through enduring the cross on Good Friday, Christ calls us to break our life open and go out from safe spaces to be instruments of hope and trust of His resurrection for others.

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