Towards the cross…

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We are now on the journey, in the season of Lent, with Jesus towards Jerusalem. We are with Him and soon will be reaching Calvary, the place where He was condemned to death on the cross. The crucifixion is the death penalty for those who have done criminal activities. But Jesus was condemned to death for telling the truth that He is the Son of God.  This was blasphemy for those who heard this. It was a death sentence and was heavily witnessed by the people.  It was a brutal death.

The daily readings of this season encourage and give us inspirations on how Jesus faced His death. Let us be attentive in our prayers of contemplation or meditation and allow ourselves to be as one of the characters in the stories or as a bystander. Our experience will be brought into the presence of Jesus who leads us towards His cross. Make this a significant journey with Him that will somehow teach us a moral lesson. This will help us to learn how Jesus lived His passion and death, bringing into our own life the reality of carrying our cross daily with openness, gratitude and acceptance.

We have our daily crosses to carry and struggle with Jesus who will be there with us.  As we face the battles and struggles, may our faith be ever more firm and strengthened. This Lenten journey will help us to understand the depth of the meaning of the cross in our life. Being His disciple and follower, we shall learn to embrace our daily crosses as the entry to enter eternal life.

For us now, in this period of Lent, we are making our spiritual pilgrimage together with our brothers and sisters who are faithful companions of Christ. We continue following with Him, accompanied by prayers that our faith will never falter.

Together as one with the pilgrim Church, especially during this period of the pandemic crisis, we will learn to better understand the meaning of our own cross because Jesus will teach us how to embrace our cross. Christ died for us to save us and show His great love for us. With open arms and heart we must learn to accept our cross daily.

Image by Marc Torfs from Pixabay

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