Under the guidance of Mary throughout the year

Mary, Mother of God.  Image courtesy of pixabay.com

Today we celebrate the beginning of the year and the Solemnity of Mary, The Holy Mother of God.  Pope Paul VI also declared New Year’s Day the World Day for Peace.  So we honour Mary who brought Jesus, the Prince of Peace, into the world. It is a great day of thanking the Lord for another year that He has given us.  It is another chance to celebrate the gift of the new chapter of our life to be celebrated in the name of God’s love for us.

On the first day of the year, we recall that we are always under the care and guidance of the Mother of God, Mary. We feel her maternal affection and presence as we journey through the year. We have a great mother who we can run to any time but especially in times when we are in need of help. Mary is so dear to us.  She has a big heart to share her love and she takes care of all of us, her spiritual children. She knows what life means and how to deal with it because she was not spared from the different challenges that she had experienced in her own life. Being a mother to the Son of God, she gave a total offering of herself and sacrifice.  She has a big heart for the love of God.

In celebrating the beginning of the first day of the new year we also remember that it is dedicated to the World Day of Peace.  Mary is the Queen of Peace and Jesus is the Prince of Peace. We give honour to the Prince of Peace, Jesus, whose birth we recently celebrated, is the One who brought peace to the whole world. May we, too, be an instrument of His peace and let the love of God be spread in all parts of the world. We continue praying for forgiveness from our heart and that wars end.

What are we looking forward to this year?  What are our big concerns?  What are the things we prioritise in our wishlist that we want to make happen? We find time to look back over the past year to evaluate what we have done that we now need to improve and we look forward to a bright future. In all of these reviews we offer and bring it into the hands of Mary. Mary will continue to guide us as we ask to have a joyful and fruitful journey of faith.

Let us welcome in 2021.  May you have a happy and prosperous new year. May we begin this journey with a lively faith, trustful hope and untiring love of God. God bless us all!


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