Mary the Queen and I

Sr Cielo with Mary grotto in the Daughters of Divine Zeal Australia garden.
Sr Cielo with Mary grotto in the Daughters of Divine Zeal Australia garden.

On 08 December, the day we commemorate Mary’s Immaculate Conception, heaven and earth rejoice because it is Mary’s day of celebration. This woman is like other women and men who have humbly said “yes” to God. Yet, she is exceptional among us because she was chosen by God to be the Mother of Jesus the Son of God. She has a significant role in the human history of our salvation. With her total trust in God, she courageously obeyed His will.

Mary and I in my vocation

I have known about Mary ever since I was a small child. My family devoutly prayed the rosary and popular novenas on every solemnity and feast days of Our Lady. Mary taught me many things in life. I am inspired by her joyful and humble obedience to God the Father. Her total “yes – FIAT”, expressed the fullness of her love of God that kept her total trust and confidence in the Divine Grace. To this day I continue asking for her help and guidance for my daily perseverance in this challenging life as a religious. She gives me inspirations to keep going on my faith journey of loving her Son, Jesus, much more closely. Belonging to the religious congregation of the Daughters of Divine Zeal is one of my inner joyful experiences and accepting the everyday challenges.

I consider Mary as my spiritual companion and especially so during my formative years. In every success, difficult moments, and times of need I run to her and ask for her assistance. She travels together with me as my spiritual mother, mentor, friend, teacher, protectress and everything that is good with Mary. In every experience that I have, I know Mary is always there to watch over me. She guides me, she gives me direction to go on loving and following Jesus. Looking at her is my inspiration, giving me hope to continue this life with Jesus. Through Mary I learn to know more about Jesus Who loves me first and has become a significant part of my life. Jesus has a big heart for loving us all. Jesus’ love for me is my strength and inspiration. I am thankful for Jesus and Mary, for their attentiveness and love for all of us.

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Mary and I with other women in my life

In my life I have been surrounded by women who also love Mary. I have been influenced by their lives, through their prayers, and by their love of Mary. In loving Mary, they are doing good to their families and others. Their lives are drawn to her as they continue to thank Our Lady, asking for her intercessions. Their good deeds as ones who love Mary express their great love for Jesus. We cannot separate our love of Mary and Jesus. Mary is the way in loving Jesus. We cannot reach out to love Jesus without loving Mary. These women’s love of the Blessed Virgin Mary is deeply rooted in their hearts. I am thankful that I have been helped by the women in my life and how they have faced and won their own battles as they kept going forward, entrusting their lives to God, even when it was against all odds.

Our life can be a presentation of Mary in our time if we love God and do His will. We have in our hearts a little spark of Mary who keeps loving, trusting and longing for God. Let us develop the virtues that Mary has for others. We can become like Mary in many different ways if we constantly go near her and learn to imitate and love her each day.

I rejoice and have such a grateful heart as I celebrate my religious profession anniversary on the day of the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, together with other women who have chosen this day as a very special moment in their lives of commitment to any vocation. Our “yes” will always be joined to Mary’s “yes”, fulfilling the Will of God. To the Blessed Virgin Mary, our Mother and Queen of the Rogate, pray for us and obtain more holy vocations in the Church! Let us unite our “yes” to the Lord with the “YES” of Mary.

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December is particularly special for the Sisters in our community:

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