Advent Reflection and Prayer 2020

Advent WreathAdvent is a time when we focus our attention on preparing for the Lord’s coming. Jesus is the long awaited Messiah that the Israelites longed for long, long ago. His coming is always something to look forward to with eagerness and longing. As a little child, every time my parents went out I always waited for their return with much expectation, hoping to receive something nice and good. It is the same sentiment I have at this time when the gospel reminds me to be vigilant in prayer as the Lord will come at a time no one can predict. It is an invitation to be always ready and being prepared to welcome Him into our hearts. Each passing day is a call to reflect and ask myself how ready I am for the Lord’s coming. Is my life directed to the light of Christ? Every day I receive Him in the Sacrament of the Eucharist and how I wish I am always worthy to receive Him.

Thank you Lord Jesus, because as we begin another liturgical season you invite us to be aware that it is time that we need to examine our life how much we have loved God and our neighbour. May we cultivate an attitude of waiting so we can welcome you in pureness of heart and be able to sincerely welcome others into our hearts. Amen.

Sr Yolanda Nava fdz

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