Gratitude with exultation

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Life can never be measured
Nor can we fully know its consequences,
Traversing the universe
With all its wonder and might.

Two thousand years ago
The Magi brought gifts to baby Jesus:
Gold, frankincense and myrrh,
Full of joy, love and gratitude.

What am I to offer?
Nothing but my whole being
To be His follower,
A friend and bride forever.

I lift my heart with joy and gratitude
Celebrating my 26th anniversary
Of love and fidelity
To God, to whom I belong.

What a wonderful gift from God
To be numbered among the religious women.
Like other vocations, we are all blessed
Rejoice with exultation from the heart.

Dear young ones in the world
If you feel called by God,
Be generous and say “Yes!” and if not called,
Then pray that He may call you to the religious life.

Mary, our blessed mother, and St Annibale,
You have our deepest gratitude
For your constant intercessions for all of us.
To God be praised and honour forever.

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