Go forth for the mission

Going on mission. Image courtesy of pixabay.com

Each one is destined for a mission in life. We need to discover that all of us are missionaries and convinced that God is calling us to accomplish the mission entrusted to us.  We then develop within us this missionary spirit to spread the Good News of the Lord, to serve all for His glory. Each missionary has the task to spread and live the life and teachings of Christ.

For me as a religious, my life is already a mission. Being His messenger, the bearer of the Good News is a challenge. Being a missionary is not an easy task. Indeed, today I have the privilege of continuing the mission entrusted to me outside my country of birth. Several years ago I was commissioned and assigned to Australia to help my community and our students from different countries. I never thought that during my religious life I would be outside of my country. The experience of being so has changed my understanding of what mission is all about. Where I am presents another face of mission.  I am not in a poor country nor a remote place. The challenge here is not on material things but more on the spiritual aspect. Being a Sister, my life witness is that God is present and existing. It can be a challenge to let others know that there is God, in Whom we trust and Who loves us no matter what. He is always forgiving and merciful to us.

Within our hearts there is a missionary element because it is the purpose and the reason for our existence. We have to develop this gift from God by practising our mission in our little ways. The Holy Spirit provides us with inspiration to work for mission but we also have to discover our inclination, which one is the right place for us, which one we are passionate in working so we can give more effortlessly when doing God’s work. How we can be an instrument of God’s spreading His word and doing good deeds. We have saints who are proclaimed by the Church as the patrons and patronesses of missions such as St Francis Xavier and St Theresa.  In their lives they did simple and ordinary things for God and others. Passionately in love with God as their source of strength and inspiration in life amplified what they did and it made sense of their lives.  They gained wisdom of God’s love for them and others. They became extraordinary in what they did in life because they offered all with God’s love, in humble service for others. They developed heroic virtues and were very happy in what they did for others. God rewarded them with happiness in life as they served Him and His people. Their joy in giving and receiving the grace of God sustained their lives. They loved to serve the ultimate God as their main reason and purpose of their lives.

Go forth for the mission!  God’s grace is enough for us to survive. Believing in God and believing in our self is a good combination to gain confidence as we set out on this mission.  It is not necessary that we be assigned outside of our own country to undertake the mission. We can be a missionary in our own place by living our active faith and offer our good deeds all for God’s glory. Like any other missionaries we renounce many things: our wants, likes, caprice.  We offer ourselves as we are – especially important when we find ourselves in another other place, culture and with people who we do not know.  We may feel uncomfortable in our new surroundings, out of our comfort zone and it can be a big adjustment and sacrifice when we are away from our dear loved ones. For me, it has been almost seven years serving outside the country where I was born.  It has been a challenge to learn the culture, customs, people’s ways and lifestyles.  I have done my best to integrate my culture with the culture of where I am today – and it is beautiful when I feel accepted and where I feel I belong. It becomes part of my history and an enriching experience as I embrace the other culture and they embrace mine.

No matter where I am commissioned, I know that there is where I will meet the Jesus – He who is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He is always ahead of me preparing the place where He sends me, with the feeling of being at home and belonging to that place.

Mission is life and missionaries give life to the mission. In every place, I look forward to finding Jesus of the Rogate, He who gives me inspiration, who is finding me even a little lost sometimes. He is there to give the grace and support in my life. Being open to the mission quietly gives me the opportunity to meet Jesus Christ of the Rogate who Himself is always on the go for mission. I am there and feel challenged but I know that He is with me on the journey of my faith. Each time I fall He comes to the rescue.

The Holy Spirit gives life to every missionary. Jesus actualizes how to undertake the mission.  The One to obey for the mission to be accomplished is God the Father. The Blessed Virgin Mary was the first disciple who accepted the mystery of the mission. The missionary Church is the Body of Christ, always here for us so we should never fear being alone.

To this day, I am following the missionary Spirit of the Christ of the Rogate, continuing to beg the harvest Master for Holy and Zealous Labourers for the Church:

Send, O Lord, Holy Apostles into your Church!

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