Lord, save us!

Days become weeks, weeks turn into months.  So many months have now passed and globally we are battling for life. The COVID-19 virus is soaring rapidly, infecting many of our brethren throughout the world. At the very beginning we have seen so many who have already gone, leaving their loved ones behind on earth.  Maybe some may never see each other again.  So many never had the chance to say goodbye to their families and friends. All of us share prayers for those who are infected, that the Lord will listen to our pleas and to strengthen us. We are praying that we will be spared from the infection. In our hearts we express our prayer: “Lord, save us!”

In the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 14, verses 22-33,  there are two scenarios: Jesus went up to the mountain by himself to pray while His disciples went ahead of Him in the boat, heading for the other side of the lake.   Jesus was praying on the mountain, at that moment in communion with His Father.  Meanwhile the apostles were battling with fear because of a strong wind that had arisen,  their boat was struggling to sail to their point of destination.  Jesus had a strong connection with the apostles and He felt that moment when the weather had changed to a strong wind.  He was thinking of the apostles. To the rescue, Jesus took a shortcut there: He walked towards them on the lake. As a result, the apostles felt even more terrified – they thought it was a ghost coming towards them! Jesus said to them, “take courage”, and then Peter recognized Him.

It is a word of consolation to take courage in the midst of this pandemic. We are saying “Lord, save us!” Throughout these different periods of lockdowns and restrictions, people have been able to discipline themselves in staying at home, using face masks when going out, observing social distancing, practising some ways of isolating themselves, being productive even in the isolation from others. Many have also spent more time with their families. People of faith, isolated as they are, have been praying together in spirit, crying out “Lord, save us!”

Like the apostles, some people have been afraid because they felt Jesus was not with them. They have been afraid that they might lose their lives. However, we know that Jesus rescues us by always being with us.  Once we recognize His presence, our hearts will be at peace.  Right now as we go through these great challenges that we face in our lives, we are thankful that we are able to survive in God’s grace. He has given us the chance to live this life for a purpose. Sadly, although many of our brothers and sisters have not survived, we continue to pray that they rest in peace. For those struggling with ill health and battling to live, we also continue praying for them that someday they will return to their normal strength and good health.

We are hopefully learning lessons during the period of this pandemic. Our faith is being tested.  We continue hoping for the better.  We go on loving the people around us because we do not know when the time will come when we cannot enjoy their presence any more.  The end time will come for all of us eventually.  In the meantime, we make the best of it with our loved ones.

We trust in God. As He is with us all the time as He promised, who can be against us? We hold on to our faith and continue loving and looking forward to the future. We were born for Christ, we rise with Him and die with Him.  We do all for His glory.

Lord God,
our hearts are in anguish.
Save us, Your people
in the midst of this catastrophe.

Heal those who are infected,
strengthen those who are nearly giving up their lives.

Let us feel Your presence in our distress,
give us hope that we may overcome
the challenges of life.
Give us the courage to give our lives for others.

When the time comes for us to go,
call us to live in Your Kingdom.
May our selves, our whole being and our hearts be ready
to be filled with a joyful surrender
for a peaceful ending.


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