Your gentle touch

Helping hand. Image courtesy of

Lord, Your love is eternal
It touches everyone
With compassion and mercy
Like the sunrise every day.

Some have been touched with hope
But most people are stuck in fear
Many are confused
And they can’t move on.

Yet, Lord, Your gentle touch keeps going
As are Your encouraging words of comfort:
“Don’t be afraid
I am with you always!”

Some have listened
But most have closed their ears
Discipline has been ignored
They prefer to go on their way.

Lord, You want docile hearts
To care for one another
United as one
In the call to holiness.

Have mercy on us, Lord
Cast out our stubbornness
Let newness of life begin
With renewed faith and love.

Lord, You are gentle
And humble of heart
May people be drawn closer to You
And live with love, joy and peace.

Lord, by following You unceasingly
Without harm but to set us free
We come to learn and live
Your gentleness and humility.

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