Photo by Luis Quintero from Pexels

The world cannot deny its vast chaotic mark
The COVID-19 pandemic roaming around
No socialization but all in isolation.

It is a reality we cannot ignore
Wake up with a joyful nature
Hands reaching above to hope.

Stand up, healthy body
Walk around the four corners of our place
Stretching the veins of your feet.

Courage all of you people
Put hands together in prayer
Humble ourselves before our God.

O God of mercy and pardon
Please heed our plea
Save us and grant peace to all in our land.

Touch our inmost heart, O God
To know You more in our lives
So that our little faith will grow.

God walks with us together
In times of fear, sadness and joy
Believe and take courage – have faith!

Bare hands cannot stop COVID-19
But with God’s Hands
It is made possible with His power and might!

Oh God, in Your time and grace
COVID-19 will cease and takes its place
We will wait with faith and courage!

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