Jesus my Lord, my God and my friend

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Jesus gathered His followers before He went up to heaven. He was able to reconcile everything before He left them and ascended to His Kingdom. This shows me the quality of Jesus’ friendship. He prepared His disciples before leaving them. He had His instructions, what they were going to do to live a good life as His followers and to be faithful to His teachings. He had His last words for them to continue what was started and to be accomplished in their lives.  These words also apply to us today:

  • “Go therefore.” –  This is His command to always be ready to be sent on mission, whether near or far, within or outside the country.  Jesus always promises to be there.
  • “Make disciples of all the nations.” – The Apostles were the first ones to be given the task of spreading and living the Good News of Jesus’ life. Through their preaching and Christian living they invited people to follow Jesus and to journey with Him.  From place to place, they reache out to people and let them know that God really existed in their lives.  To this day, He encourages us to meet and greet others and let them know about Jesus’ works and teachings so that authentic followers in all nations grow. Jesus promises to be always present.
  • “Baptise them in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” – The Holy Trinity, the three Persons in One are always in communion with each other.  The Triune God in always present and involved in our life’s activities, and they are the model of how to live in common life.  The full force of the Trinity is in their cooperation with each other and how they are always there for us, to assist us in our good works.
  • “Teach.” – We observe and live the commandments of God, proclaiming the Good News to others, knowing who God is in our lives. Jesus will always be there for us.
  • “I am with You always till the end of time…” – This is Jesus’ promise to us as we become more and more fulfilled as Christians. He is always there for us.

In one sense, the above is Jesus’ support system for us so that no one is left behind. He wants us to walk together with Him, under any circumstances.

We are so blessed to have Jesus in our life. He is always inviting us into His friendship. Jesus is the One whom we are seeking as a good friend.  He gives us His word of honour.  He is true and faithful to His friends. We cannot find any other person like Jesus who is constantly there for us throughout our entire life. He is a friend who:

  • never abandons
  • promises to give His full support
  • finds the time, no matter how busy, to gather with His friends who enjoy His company
  • celebrates the beauty of friendship
  • feels for us when we are down and struggling
  • Sheds tears with us in times of sorrow
  • is always in communion with us and inviting us to His banquet in the Eucharist.

Jesus is not lost to us.  He is not a ghost of whom we are to be afraid. It is most often we who feel lost for so many reasons.  It is most often we who do not spend time with Him.  Nevertheless, He still seeks us out, always wanting to be there with us and never tiring of waiting for us to accept His Hand of friendship and Heart of Divine Love.

I strongly claim Jesus is my friend.  He is the only One who never fails in His love for me.  He never forgets to help me in the times that I need Him most and He never leaves me alone.  Jesus is a friend of all and for all. All the time is His time for us – He never gets tired of loving us. So what are we waiting for? What are we looking for? He is here for us always, knocking to enter into our hearts, inviting us to be part of His friend zone.  Will you welcome Him as your friend?

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