The Eucharist is the energy that heals our brokenness

The Body of Christ in the Eucharist is broken and shared with us.

All the relationships that we establish are broken due to misunderstandings, rejection, disagreements, jealousy, selfishness and so on. Therefore, we indeed need unceasing healing. No remedy except the Eucharist can heal our brokenness.

The Body of Christ is real food that satisfies our hunger and His blood is real drink that quenches our thirst. Moreover, the Eucharist is the energy that sustains, nourishes us just as it sustains, nourishes and brings the Church together despite various kinds of brokenness.

As we know, in the presence of the Body of Christ we become the Body of Christ, the Body is broken for us, makes us a body which is also broken. Thus, to become the Body of Christ, we too must be broken like Christ to share with others the energy that we have received from His Body so that we will be constantly healed.

As one Body of Christ, the Church can say: “How truly precious is the gift of the Eucharist the Lord has established for us”. And let us be energized from the Eucharistic Celebration each day and make His presence visible in the midst of our brothers and sisters as the energy to bind the brokenness of our relationships.


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