Dearest Mother

Roses for mother. Image courtesy of

My dearest mother
This year marks your sixth death anniversary
Years gone too fast but
It seems like yesterday when I remained at your side.

My memory of you is still so vivid:
Doing ordinary chores
Cooking delicious gourmet food
Mixed with love
And fresh roses.

You not only loved your children
But all your grand and great grand children
We all felt the caress of your love
And cuddled by sweet thoughts.

While we no longer see you
You have left us experienced
With what charity means in life:
No matter how little you have
If it is shared it tastes the best.

Your heart went out
To the needy ones
Giving help and encouragement
I am so proud of you my dearest
Being a witness to the love of God in you.

My dearest mother
Intercede for us graciously
People on earth struggle for love
And that peace and justice prevail.

You are now in the embrace of God
Contemplating the radiance of His face
We always love you dearest mother
Charity will continually live
Wherever we are, just as God wants
For all and always.

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