Our Lady, you brought me here

Our Lady, Mary prays for us..

On 20 June 2020, is the Memorial of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Let us pause awhile to recall she who is blessed among women, and the many women who have been like her in our lives…

Tracing the pathways of my vocation story leads me to discover some significant persons who have played a big part in my life.  In particular, these women with their simple faith have inspired me to follow Christ in the religious life and they have helped my growing  faith in God.

I was born into a devout Catholic family. My mother had a huge influence on the faith formation in our family, with active spiritual practices and good deeds.  The rosary was the most common prayer we did as a family.  Our family very rarely missed praying the rosary on special Marian feasts and Solemnities.  Mary was never forgotten and we always found time to pray the rosary.

As a child, especially during summer vacation, our neighbour who was a catechist gathered all the children in our village during the month of May, a month that is dedicated to celebrating Mary. It is one of the popular devotions to pray the rosary and we offer flowers everyday to Our Lady. I learned to lead praying the rosary with the other children. Sometimes as a family we spent our holidays with my grandparents.  My grandmother always gathered us to pray the rosary at six o’clock in the evening to close the day.

Then the time came for my university studies and I was away from my family.  Even when I stayed in the boarding house, my roommates and I found time to pray the rosary.  I never lived my life without praying the rosary. Praying the rosary and contemplating each of the mysteries of the life of our Lord Jesus Christ and of Our Lady gives me strength in my life.

As mentioned earlier, my vocation has been influenced by the faith, hope and love of so many women in my life. They brought my life to Mary and Our Lady strengthened my vocation and brought me to follow her Son, Jesus. I have noticed that these women, who all lived simply and experienced their own life struggles, brought me here to follow Christ in the religious life. More and more,  I continue searching for God in my life and I find that He is always ahead of me and meets me at any crossroads in my life.

I have noticed that in my life journey there is always the presence of “other Marys” who have supported me in my spiritual journey, whether in my joyful moments or in my sad moments. They have directed and accompanied me in my walk with Jesus. They have enabled me to recognize the presence of Mary within each woman who has given her full support to me and consoled my heart whenever I have felt down.

I pray that many of us will continue our love and active devotion to Our Lady, the blessed Virgin Mary.  As we are drawn to her and closer to Jesus, we learn also to live her virtues in the fullness of life’s challenges. Mary, our heavenly Mother, pray for us!

Mary our Mother
You are our inspiration
To live this life in faith, hope and love.

Draw, always, our heart in loving you.
Each day lead us always to come closer to your Son Jesus
In any moments of our prayer and work
He gives us strength and consolation.

Mary, be our guide
Continue to support us
In times of difficulty.

Your protection is what we need
When temptation comes at our side.
Mary we need your motherly care and love,
Pray for us.


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