St Annibale, a star of hope

St Annibale Maria Di Francia

Reminiscing about the recent feast of St Annibale at which we, as well as through similar initiatives of the Daughters of Divine Zeal and Rogationists around the world, shared the Eucharistic Celebration online, I am so grateful to God that our Founder, St Annibale Maria Di Francia was made so widely known to the world.  I am also aware that our brothers and sisters in Christ can very much benefit from his sanctity and ask for his intercessions to God, and for the blessings they need with God’s grace.

St Annibale was a great man of prayer, a man with a great love for God and neighbour, a great man who followed God’s will through the “Rogate”, and a man of great compassion to all, both the rich and the needy.  He is a great man who is now with the Lord eternally.

As the celebration of his feast on Monday 1 June 2020 occurred during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, I venture to say that St Annibale is a star of hope and I would love to express my deepest gratitude to God with these words:

St Annibale, you are the star
That brightens my life everyday
Through the example of your holy life
That is filled with love and prayer.

On the day of your feast
Millions of people were reached
Through online celebrations
Likened to the stars that twinkle everywhere.

Through God’s inspirations
And active collaborations
Your life story has been shared
Through songs, talks and homilies.

May many people come back to God
Start a new life in Christ
A life of love, forgiveness and prayer
Living generously with hope and faith.

Triune God, thank you
For the exemplar life of St Annibale
For his mission and Charism
Spiritual children and lay collaborators

Thank you from my heart
For making the celebration of his feast possible
Amidst a pandemic
A star of hope that opens one’s heart to God!

What a great blessing!
I sing with my heart
My endless gratitude
To God be highest glory and praise!

St Annibale, continue to intercede for us all
As we earnestly pray
“Send, O Lord, Holy Apostles
into Your Church and in our Institute!”


  1. Thanks Sr. Teresa, you’re so kind! Hope I could. Honestly speaking I also appreciate your articles. Well done!

  2. Fr. annibale would be very happy in Heaven sister, because you are a good writer like him

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