Awe and wonder with His presence

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Looking at our own experiences, we can trace how God touches our lives. Every day we encounter Him but we are not aware of Him because He is often in the most ordinary happenings where we don’t recognise or notice His presence. In every peaceful and joyful moment of our heart, He is there. When that joy comes within our heart, it is the moment of meeting the beloved and we do not want this moment to end because it is so precious.  We always want to stay and enjoy that moment with Him.

It was like this with the apostles who experienced being with Him on the mountain during His transfiguration:

Then Peter said to Jesus, “Lord, it is good for us to be here ” (Matthew 17:9)

The  words of Peter expressed his feelings of awe and wonder in that exalted, joyful and glorious moment with Jesus.

How many times do we experience this awe and wonder in our life?

The first thing we feel is the deep joy in our heart and that is a wonderful feeling that uplifts our spirit.  It can happen many times in our prayer where God is communicating with us and we are enjoying hearing His words of wisdom and His presence. This can also occur many times with the friend with whom we share about our lives, the comforting love we have for each other and the assurance that we have their support in times of need. Oftentimes too it is in any sudden events that we meet the God of surprises in our life. We want to remain with Him and do not want that moment to end.  It is good to be here. 

But that moment will pass by, that experience will lead us to look forward to more and more encounters with the beloved, the Lord, there present in any of the circumstances that happen in our life.  We need to see with the eyes of faith to choose the right decision. God assures us that He is there with us and He always meets us. We choose that which gives life, that which leads to the right justice for us and others, and to the things that lead us to peace and unity.

It is good to be right here in the profound presence of God, committing ourselves in a life for God, with God, and in God. However, Jesus did not keep the apostles there up on that mountain because that would not be the reality of their lives. They left the mountain and returned to the ordinary life. It was a glorious and joyful taste, the apostles being in Jesus’ presence, upon the mountain in peace, serenity and solitude with the beloved.

Everything is possible with God.  We too can have these experiences with the Lord in our solitary moments and deeply feel that we can listen and hear the voice of God and His real presence in our lives.


O God of silence
In the recesses of my heart
Let me feel the warmth of Your love
That I may love You and others
As You love me unconditionally.

Let my mind open to understand
Your Words of Wisdom.
May my eyes see the beauty of life
So that I may enjoy and protect life.

May my mouth be able to speak
The truthfulness and justice for God and man.
May my hands be able to help
Those who are in most need.

Thank You for being with me
You have given me the chance
To use my life for the good of others.

I am very sorry for the times
When I have forgotten to value You and others
To recognise how important You and they are
In my daily life, seeking always to render good service
For You and others.

Continue to bless me, Lord
And give me the generosity to share
My being to glorify you.

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