Remember the marvels of the Lord for us

Woman in wheatfield.

How marvellously God has been working in Our Lady of Divine Zeal Province during these 40 years! During this celebration, seeing how every Sister was happy and enjoying the moment made me happy too. I also enjoyed it with heartfelt gratitude to all the Sisters who made a sacrifice to build our Province. That is a great marvel that the Lord has done for us.

However, it was but a moment when enjoyed the celebration as we did during that time. Just as Fr Herman Abcede said in his talk: “After the event or along our journey there might be storms, difficulties and hardship. If we always remember the marvels of the Lord for us, we will be encouraged to overcome them, and we will be happy. Everything will be fine as long as we stay in the boat (the community), cooperate, help and sacrifice for one another.” Relating to the grouping game in which we participated, I realized that even though there were many challenges and difficulties, we were always together, united with each other, listening to the voice of our shepherd, with cooperation, sacrifice and help for one another. Eventually we overcame all trials and we learned many lessons from working together.

Sr M Teresa Nguyen Thi Hao

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