Living the hope of the resurrection

Waiting.  Image by Sarah Richter from Pixabay.

Every year we are given forty days of Lent to fast, pray, give alms and reflect on the passion of the Lord. It is a great opportunity for us to renew ourselves and focus on our relationship with God. It is also the best time for us to get in touch with God’s love, to decorate our spiritual house in preparation for the glory of Easter.

As in previous Lenten seasons, we, the Daughters of Divine Zeal in Richmond, have elaborated on what initiatives we need to do for Lent. However this Lenten season has been quite different. The whole world is covered by coronavirus. Most of the churches, shops, schools and other activities, as well as businesses, have suddenly stopped to prevent the spread of this dangerous virus. Fear and panic have pervaded the peoples of every nation.

Therefore, this is the time for everybody to return home and strengthen the unity, love and care for one another in the family. As Christians and religious we are also urged to intensify our prayers, mortifications and other activities for the whole world. Moreover, we can take these struggling moments to develop our spiritual growth and have a more intimate relationship with God.

Yes, it pains me so much that so many people have been infected with this virus and have died. The economic crisis, social distancing, quarantines, curfews, suspending all activities – even in churches – as well as other cancellations make people feel vulnerable and disappointed. Yet I do believe that the Lord will never abandon us for He is very merciful, compassionate and sympathetic to our pains and sufferings.

In the context of Lent, in order to share the crisis and hardship of the whole world because of this coronavirus pandemic, I am impelled to spend more time for God, have a longer look at the crucifix and confidently entrust the world to the tender care of the merciful and compassionate Lord.

Whatever happens we should not lose confidence in God. Instead, let the spirit of the living hope, through the resurrection of Jesus Christ, occupy our hearts and allow His power to dwell in us as we prepare ourselves to celebrate the coming Easter.

Sr. M. Teresa Nguyen Thi Hao, FDZ

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