John the Baptist and our Vocation

Make straight a pathway for God!Since the beginning John the Baptist was called by God for a specific mission. He has to prepare the way of the Lord. Crooked ways need to be straightened. Rough roads of our life need to be smoothened.

I thank God for the gift of John the Baptist, the protagonist in the gospel narrative of Matthew 3:1-12. He is an instrument of God to call everyone to repentance and conversion. His voice that cries in the wilderness many centuries ago continues to echo in the land everywhere. God does not stop to call us to holiness of life. Like John, every baptized Christian is called to preach in the wilderness of peoples’ hearts not as a voice crying out and calling to come to the water of life but by our witnessing. Through our good examples people will be drawn to walk on straight paths and do what is good and holy.

The person of John is an image of boldness and zeal for the Kingdom. This is an encouragement for us too to continue our missionary work without claiming nothing, knowing that Jesus is above all else. Our efforts are nothing if they are not done for His glory. John taught us humility when he acknowledged his nothingness because someone more powerful is coming after him.

Sr Yolanda Nava fdz

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