Keeping the Faith

Keeping the faith

Today, the beginning of the new year 2020, we celebrate the Solemnity of Mary, Most Holy Mother of God.  Mother Mary is very important in our congregation.

From the beginning, St Annibale’s family was devoted to our Lady – that is why the name Mary (or Maria) is part of his baptismal name. Each Daughter of Divine Zeal also bears the name Mary. Those of us who do not have Mary as part of our name, ask to have it added as part of our baptismal name because she is our Divine Protectress. For our congregation, the Blessed Virgin Mary is proclaimed our Divine Superior. We look to all of our Superiors as the representatives, the vicars, of the Blessed Virgin Mary. — Sr Cielo Tanio, FDZ, Journeying through life – with Mary

Great is the Lord our God Who called me to be one of the Daughters of Divine Zeal over 23 years ago. Great, too, is the Blessed Virgin Mary who guides and keeps me safe on this journey of faith, hope, love and prayer.

08 December, the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, is another very significant day in my life because that was when I joined my “Yes” with the Blessed Virgin Mary’s “Fiat” – her own “Yes” to fulfil the will of God.  With the help of the Mother of our God, and my Lord, Jesus Christ,  I officially became a member of our institute in answering God’s call as a Religious Sister.

This year is another year to celebrate the greatness of God’s love in my life. In being one of the chosen among many young women who desire to follow Him more closely, just like one of His own disciples, I now carry within my heart the Christ of the Rogate.  I bring our identity wherever I go, and live the spirituality of our institute’s charism: “Pray therefore…” (Matthew 10: 35-38) in following the Lord of the harvest.

Keeping this active faith in God is the source of my life, strength and inspiration for renewing my vows each day. God is so generous with His blessings!  I try to return His generosity with total trust, confidence and freedom in the Christ of the Rogate. I celebrate with Him with such great joy in my heart. Together with Mary, and my Sisters in the institute, I always look forward to renewing my vows to God.

I thank the Lord who is always faithful. Being constantly attentive to His presence, I cannot go wrong in this life. I pray for everyday perseverance, and look forward to the time when He calls me to Him on that final day of my earthly life. On this special Feast Day of Mary, Mother of God, let us join her in saying “Yes” to the Divine Love that guides, protects and desires to always be with us.  May 2020 be a year of peace (today is also the World Day of Peace), and a year in which we each continue to walk with our Lord, always keeping the faith in amongst life’s challenges and joys.




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