Learning from Jesus, Mary and Joseph

Holy Family. Image courtesy of pixabay.com

During the season of Advent we actively prepared for our Lord Jesus Christ’s birthday. These four weeks called us to be vigilant mostly in our prayers, to give charity to those most in need and to renounce something unnecessary so we could focus on Jesus’ coming.

While many celebrate Christmas only on 25 December, the celebration of Christmas in the Catholic Church goes on for eight days starting from Christmas Day and ending on 01 January, the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God.   In the midst of this Octave of Christmas is the Feast of the Holy Family on 29 December.

This feast day is an important one especially for families.  Joseph, protector of the Holy Family, shows us how to be open to the promptings we receive to change our lives for the better, just as he heeded the messages he received in dreams to avert danger to Mary and Jesus.  Jesus, Mary and Joseph teach us how to live in harmony, peace and reconciliation in our family, community and the whole Church as the people of God.  Mary and Joseph demonstrate how a husband and wife can walk with faith even through the most adverse times of their lives to support each other and their child.  Jesus, is Emmanuel – God with us – and the ultimate teacher and guide for our life.  A life that is full of love for God and our neighbour.  May we recognize them in the faces of the people we meet or with whom we live.

Let us continue to celebrate Christmas as one big family of God as we welcome the Holy Family in our midst, and may every day of the year be Christmas in your hearts.

Lord Jesus,
Like the Blessed Virgin Mary and Joseph, her spouse,
Make our hearts be ready
To welcome You in our midst.
Help us to be ready always
In our everyday journey.
Make us aware of Your presence, O Emmanuel,
When You come to us.
Let Your love be the constant source of our strength.
Let our faith be active and authentic.
Let our hope be a joyful inspiration.
Let our families be like the Holy Family into which You were born on earth.
And let our prayers be the unlimited connection with You.
Let Your generosity be ours
To make us persevere until the end of time.


Send O Lord Holy Parents, and Holy Men and Women into your Church!


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