A call to conversion

Pathway.  Image courtesy of pixabay.com

Change automatically happens to those who want to be touched by God’s redeeming love.  In Luke’s Gospel, Chapter 19, verses 1-10, something very ordinary occurred that invites me to pause and reflect.  Where is my life leading me?

The dramatic meeting of Jesus and Zacchaeus led to a fruitful encounter because the latter had changed completely.  Jesus’ coming made him experience new life as a result of total conversion.

The phrase, “Hurry, because I must stay in your house today.” is striking.  There is an urgency in Jesus’ call to conversion.  It is not meant to happen in another time.  It is in the here and now.  That call has changed the whole situation.  This could be a point of reflection for us too.  How do we respond to God’s invitation?

Jesus offers many opportunities to change our hearts in the ordinariness of life.  Whatever we do, wherever we go.  Even in the simplest act there is a call to change our ways.  We have been lost many times in our lives and often we do not see the way back.  If we try to go the other way, Jesus always comes to lead us back. May His light shine in our darkness so we can see the track that leads to the path He wants us to follow.

Sr M Yolanda Nava fdz

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