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The Feast day of Our Lady of the Rosary was on 7 October.  The entire month of October is also dedicated to the Holy Rosary.

I cannot stress to you enough how important the Rosary is in our times and what an impact it has had throughout history.  It is important for us to realise that the Rosary is not an old-fashioned prayer of times gone by.  If you look back over previous posts in our blog about the Rosary, you will find more information:

If there is only one message you take from all of these posts it is that the Rosary can and does still have an impact on humanity and nations today.  This includes you and your life.

So today I would like to take a look at the various Rosaries you can pray – yes, there are different ways to pray the Rosary, special novenas, and prayers which focus on particular themes; however the important constant is that they all still include the Mysteries of Joy, Sorrow, Glorious, and Luminous.  The life of Christ and Our Lady is always at the forefront of our prayer.

Let us look at some of these Rosaries, and think a little differently about how we can pray it:

The 54-Day Rosary Novena

This novena was given to a young girl, Fortuna Agrelli, by the Blessed Virgin Mary on 3 March 1884 as a result of her plea for help due to several incurable diseases.  Fortuna appealed to Our Lady as ‘Queen of the Holy Rosary’, a title which was most pleasing and desirable to her.  You can read more about the history and format of this special novena prayer at The Miraculous 54-Day Rosary Novena.  After praying the novena, Fortuna was healed and restored to health.

The novena is said daily for 54 consecutive days: 27 days in petition, then for another 27 days in thanksgiving, regardless of whether or not the request has been granted yet. 

At the time of writing this post I am in the midst of praying this novena.  While at first, the above instructions seemed daunting – it may feel like it will take up a lot of time (the ‘normal’ Rosary is completed within approximately 30 minutes) – I can honestly say that time seems to pass more quickly when I am carefully praying this novena.  My voice does not tire when reciting many of the prayers aloud.  I have felt that this is a special grace from Our Lady.

Do you want to start praying this special Rosary novena today?  Print your own free copy from

Healing Rosaries

There are a number of free Catholic resources and prayers on the Internet which – once prudently scrutinized with careful attention to ensure that they are in accordance with the teachings of our Holy Catholic Church – can be used by the faithful to bring specific attention to areas of our lives which require healing.

Praying the simple, beautiful Rosary as we know it is an appeal to Our Blessed Mother to obtain graces and blessings for us which, in and of themselves, will bring about spiritual and physical healings if God wills them.  However, particular Rosary methods which specifically focus on areas of our lives which require transformation can work wonders.

For example, I have a book called Praying the Rosary for Inner Healing by Fr. Dwight Longenecker which takes the reader through themes, specific painful events, experiences, and other issues which need healing throughout our lives from conception to death.

You may find your own ‘healing Rosary’ books or prayers at local Catholic bookshops.

Our society and culture needs the balm offered by the Rosary.  When one person at a time works on healing their own souls, this can bring about greater healing in the world around us.  The Rosary will help us do that.  We need to depend on the powers of the Rosary and use it as our medicine.

Rosary for the Holy Souls in Purgatory

It is important to remember those who have died before us.  Although they are no longer with us, we must not forget that they still need our support.  Our prayers help our loved ones in their suffering in that place of purification – purgatory – before they are permitted to enter heaven.

Our prayers for our relatives and friends in purgatory will help gain their release.  They, in turn, will then gratefully pray for and help us.

A beautiful way to pray for these poor souls is a ‘Rosary for the Holy Souls in Purgatory’.  Here are a number of resources to help us:

These are just some ‘out of the box’ ideas for you to think about praying the Rosary this month.  We are all on the road to heaven.  If we travel the Rosary road, Our Blessed Mother will lead us to her Son and His promises of life everlasting.

If you need some encouragement on this road, or sometimes encounter rocky terrain, here are some motivating articles to help you:

Holy Mary, Mother of God, Our Lady of the Rosary – pray for us!

Now, please turn up your volume and let us sing…

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