Being Martha

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There is an interesting biblical story about Mary and Martha, who were one of the closest friends of Jesus. These two sisters give us an inspirational example of how to live a life that  renders good service, is available to offer hospitality to others, and actively demonstrates the essence of the healthy and divine relationships between Jesus and His friends. Mary and Martha’s story gives us a good moral lesson that we can follow and imitate. Comparing their story to ours can reveal connections in our own life experiences.

Reading passages from Sacred Scripture can give us different points of view and understanding of the Gospel which, in turn, increases our knowledge of God.  It helps us to deal with circumstances in our life, striving with much positivity and looking forward to a fruitful future in the presence of God – He Who makes our life meaningful.

One time when I read the bible story of Mary and Martha, I was struck by the way Jesus called “Martha! Martha!”.  He  mentioned her name twice.  Why?  For me, Jesus gives more emphasis in calling her name twice. He conveys a very important thing, that something very necessary: He wanted Martha to realize that she was too anxious about the food preparation and other tasks whereas Mary was focused on His presence. We can see that Martha is trying to offer her best service for Jesus and to the disciples but what was not pleasing was the fact that she was so worried and full of complaints about having to be the only one undertaking these tasks.  This caused Jesus to react.

On many occasions I feel that I act like Martha in being so busy thinking, complaining and murmuring about many things to do. During these times I can feel stressed and I lose my focus on offering my work for a greater purpose,  serving with pure intentions. Sometimes we can be so preoccupied with work that we lose the beauty and meaning of service to God and others. We lose the equilibrium in all that we do. Just as Jesus called Martha’s attention to what she was about, likewise to this day He calls my attention to my daily activities, making me understand and realize what is the true essence of my life.  With all its possibilities, I need to always choose and put God above all things.  I need to recall the reasons for performing that service for Him and my neighbour.  To have any real meaning in our life, anything we do should be done in the name of love for God.  Do you?


Saint Martha, pray for us that we might serve Jesus better.
Help us to overcome our distractions and worries to listen to His words and be present to Him this day.

Prayer Source: St Martha, Catholic Online

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