Flows Across

Composite image of cascade and tabernacle. Left image courtesy of pexels.com Right image courtesy of pixabay.com

It’s an amazing feeling that I have
Where I want nothing more than to stay
Before the Blessed Sacrament
Uninterruptedly gazing at Jesus in silence

As this silence grows deeper in the stillness of my heart
There is nothing more that I want, other than to say
“Jesus I love You, I love You, I love You!
Thank You for these years of journey in the Religious Life”

I seem to feel a cry arise deep within me
In front of God who loves me
I can’t contain the love that He’s pouring upon me
Me, who sits still with my little and yet profound presence

As my heart is pacified with preciousness before the Lord
I let the love of God flow over me
A love that flows across the globe
Serenely like a river for all

O God, I sigh with a deep joy in my heart
I love You and I thank You
You are the God of compassion and tenderness
The God who loves unfathomably
All Your children on earth! Amen.

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