The most humble Queen

Diego Velázquez [Public domain] Wikimedia Commons

Yesterday (22 August) we commemorated the Memorial of the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Mary in her humility before God entrusted herself to the Lord when she kindheartedly accepted being the Mother of the Son of God, Jesus. In the Gospel we see that whenever Mary’s participation is visibly recognized, she always humbled herself before God.

Mary was a simple Lady who came from the town of Galilee in the small village of Nazareth.  She was the most favoured one, chosen by God. She did all her best for her family, as a loving wife to Joseph and as a caring mother to Jesus. This family lived simply with what was sufficient in the immediate necessities of life, and with a great love of God and respect for each other.

Having well-established and good family ties and upbringing, there came a point in Mary’s life when her faith was challenged.  This happened at the death of Joseph.  In time, Mary’s life adjusted to the absence of Joseph and she learned to go on, continuing to dedicate her life to Jesus.

Another experience that challenged Mary was when Jesus was condemned to death.  This was a most painful time because it seemed that everything was taken away from her through her dearest loved one. She had so much pain, agony and sorrow in her life yet above all these challenges and difficulties, her faith grew strong, she remained humble and accepted that God’s will be done in her life. In these down moments, without Joseph and Jesus, her heart was broken and bleeding.  But she arose again to continue giving inspiration, and good and right intentions to others.  She had such a total trust in God and never lost hope.

Mary gave her best in the remaining moments of her life which helped her on her faith journey with God’s love and fidelity being her strength, and with this she helped the followers of Jesus Christ. She confidently remained with them, the apostles and other disciples, as they all remained faithful to the teachings of Jesus.  She ultimately kept her full support for the growing Church instituted by Jesus.   The good memories of her family accompanied her on her journey of growing up in love and faith in God.

Heaven rewarded her when she was raised up body and soul. To this day she is enjoying the company of the heavenly bodies and above all being united with Jesus and Joseph.  She was assumed into heaven, honoured and enthroned as the Queen of Heaven and Earth.

This most humble Queen has a big heart to love us all. She teaches us how we should live and deal with the ups and downs of our daily life with a perseverance and optimism beyond those challenges and difficulties that we meet.  She is the mother of all times, the mother who embraces our joys, pains and sufferings. In her heart she captures heaven and earth to bring the love of God to each one of us. She helps to bring us back to God at those times when we are lost. Now together with the Son of God, we can feel their presence with us.

Let us continue to love Mary and let us be grateful that we can have a mother like her. Our love is not complete without also loving Mary.  We continue on our journey of loving Jesus, Mary and all the saints who have taught us how to love God and our neighbour.

Image Credit: Diego Velázquez [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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