Madre Nazarena: on your birthday

Celebrating Madre Nazarena's 150th Birthday - 21 June 2019

On 21 June 2019, we commemorated the 150th birthday of our co-foundress, Madre Nazarena.  Let us pause awhile with this reflection:

In memory of your 150th birthday
We offer our love and thanksgiving to God
The God who, for you in this life,
Made you a great mother.

O gentle loving mother
With zeal for the harvest crowds
You generously give love and care
To the orphans, sisters and all
For all God’s glory.

Madre, your sacrifices
For the Church and our institute
Are greatly honoured, appreciated and acknowledged
They have left a mark in our lives.

What beautiful memories
Of your faith, hope and charity
Your love for God
Your care and hope for a holy life.

May we your spiritual children
Be at your side and never be set apart
But with a constant gaze
Upon your trust of the Divine Will.

A glimpse of our celebration on that momentous day can be viewed on our Facebook Album.

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