Mazes. Images (L to R) courtesy of and

All walks of life are on the go
Treading the maze of life
With colourful smiles of the sun
Rising above the sky for everyone

Follow a path that leads to the end
Fix your eyes in every direction
Try not to stumble when pebbles abound
Evade them with gentleness and care

It’s an amazing journey for everyone
Having a golden heart to all who need
Water to quench and smiles to brighten
Along the road of life’s puzzles

The God of the journey is always leading
Fix upon His footsteps and follow
Assurance is yours to reach the end of the maze
Its success blended with joy and peace

Different mazes but with the same end
Reaching the destined destiny
God, the source of life, offers
Eternal life as our goal

Love will never fail anyone
Have in mind this Divine Love is for all
God has given from conception of life
And that Love remains till the end of the maze of life… and beyond.

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