Rogate: gift and gratitude

150th Annniversary of the Rogate

The first day of July is one of the most important dates to celebrate for those of us who belong to the Rogate Family. This year, we, the Daughters of Divine Zeal, and the Rogationists of the Heart of Jesus, both founded by St Annibale Ma Di Francia, jubilantly celebrate the 150th anniversary of the coming of Jesus in the most Blessed Sacrament – He Who permanently dwells in our institute in all our communities. It is a Eucharistic Feast of the Divine Founder Jesus in Whom St Annibale had much faith and for Whom he had much love.  St Annibale entrusted to us, the Daughters of Divine Zeal and the Rogationists of the Heart of Jesus, that Eucharistic centrality of our life: “Jesus the true Founder of the institutes”. St Annibale and his community prepared for a long time before Jesus remained permanently in the most Blessed Sacrament in the community.

For us, the spiritual sons and daughters of St Annibale Maria, every 01 July is a day of prayer, worship, and adoration of Jesus, the Lord of the Harvest. The whole congregation prepares something great for the Lord on this day of commemoration.  Each community has its own additional initiatives besides the Eucharistic Celebration and prayers.  The day is one of thanksgiving to the Lord for His continuous presence among us, the abundance of providence poured out upon both congregations, each community’s sustenance and the help He gives in all the various apostolates in which we serve.

There is so much to thank the Lord for: the gift of answered prayers from our sisters for priests, orphans, the poor, friends and benefactors.  The Lord provides us with generous religious and lay vocations.

Rogate ergo… (pray therefore…) is a continuous obedience to the Divine Word of Jesus to pray for more holy and numerous workers in all types of vocations for the Church. This prayer is the reason for keeping us together and in communion as one spiritual family that  unceasingly asks the Lord to send more holy and zealous vocations in the Church.

Rogate is the Divine Word of Jesus.  It is the spirituality and the charism of the institute that was handed down to us by St Annibale – a legacy that we live today, including our continued prayers for vocations.  Spreading the importance of this prayer is the secret remedy for our sanctification and the salvation of all souls.

Rogate is the spiritual gift for us and the whole Church.  It was received by St Annibale when he was at prayer. He discovered the verses from the scripture Mt 9:35 -38, and he was inspired to be always in communion with God. The words of Jesus “Pray therefore…”   became the program of St Annibale’s life and in the institute to live this prayer with zeal while becoming a holy worker of the Church.

What a great day to celebrate with Jesus and to thank Him for the gift of vocations.
Send, O Lord, Holy Apostles into Your Church!

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