Rogate: 1869 – 2019

Wheatfield. Image courtesy of

Lord of the harvest we praise and glorify You
For all the wonders You have done
For St Annibale Ma. Di Francia our Founder
For the Daughters of Divine Zeal
The Rogationist Fathers, and for the whole Church.
In a special way for the inspiration of the Rogate
The Divine Command bestowed upon our Father Founder
150 years ago: Pray the Lord of the harvest
To send labourers into Your harvest.

St Annibale was filled with deep joy
And gratitude to You, O Lord
For he found a treasure hidden in the Gospel
The secret of all good works
And the salvation of all souls
May this Divine Command: Rogate
Be lived wholeheartedly
And spread wide throughout the land.

We pray that many men and women
Will follow You, walk in the way of salvation
And join in our institutes
To be workers in the Lord’s harvest.

May we, through the inspirational example of St Annibale
Live our vocation with zeal
For your glory and for the salvation of all.


The harvest is rich but the labourers are few…PRAY (Matthew 9:37-38; Luke 10:2)

Please join the Daughters of Divine Zeal and Rogationists in praying:

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