Madre Nazarena, our dear mother

Madre Nazarena birthday - 21 June

Madre Nazarena birthday banner - her lifeMadre Nazarena our dear mother
Your 150th birth anniversary today
Brings joy to all of us.
A joy that lifts up to God
With praise and thanksgiving.

Memories are so vivid in my sight
They recount your love and affections for all.
What a fabulous gift we have:
A mother of par excellence
An example of a holy life
Full of love for God.

Each day we listen to your words
Words full of life and trust
Of confidence and determination
Doing God’s will untiringly.

Mother, each time I hear your words
They give me inspiration to love and trust God
To follow Him wholeheartedly
Throughout my life.

We pray through your intercession
That many young men and women
Courageously and generously follow Christ
Through the priesthood and in religious life.

The above Madre Nazarena 150th birthday banner is inspired by a design from Sr Cielo FDZ.


  1. Madre is my Great Aunt. Is she any closer to. Beatified? I love the poster. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU FOR YOUR GREAT WORKS

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