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On this day (16 May) in 2004, our Father Founder, St Annibale Maria Di Francia, was canonised by Pope John Paul II (who was canonised a saint himself on 27 April 2014).  Today we also recall the foundation of the Rogationists of the Heart of Jesus on 16 May 1897, ten years after St Annibale founded the Daughters of Divine Zeal.  As co-believers, let us continue our prayers and ask Jesus to send, O Lord, Holy Apostles into Your Church!

This is our belief
Christ has died and is risen
Christ is alive
Christ is with us, in us and among us

Hold on to our faith
As believers in God
In Jesus, our Saviour
Who gave up His life on the Cross
Because of His love for us

Let us shout in our hearts
And to the world:
“God loves you, believe in Him!
You will have eternal life
He promised us and this He will fulfill.”

My co-believers in Christ
Let us walk together with fidelity
Proclaiming the Good News with joy:
“Christ is alive, our peace
Truly man and truly God.”

Friends, come and share
God’s gift of faith and love
Accept Him in your lives
And become true-hearted believers in Christ!

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