Roses. Image courtesy of

Each day we live a gift of love
Treasure its richness every moment
For it will not be repeated anymore
Chance is there to live to the full

Make sure you have a goal
Direction to focus mind and heart
Doing the right thing and not be lost
Cannot help but have sweet smiles in your heart

Yesterday left memories
Peace and joy or maybe frustration
But there is room to learn better
For a meaningful journey with delight

Today, set newness of possibility
Arise for the God of surprises comes
To each one of us, His beloved children
Be prompt with a big response of love

Newness cannot wait to bloom
Life filled with beds of roses
Intertwined with love and charity
For all our brethren in Christ

The newness of the present gives challenges
A way to love, work, pray and to forgive
The circle of every deed, done through faith
May it come to its perfection
Newness of life in Christ always.

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