Rose. Image courtesy of

Memories are blessings to rejoice
Celebrating such special events
Life filled with fresh green and thorns
Blooms like roses in the garden of serenity.

When God called me I felt such joy and gratitude
Amidst my nothingness He chose me
I was confused but He enlightened me:
“Seek My Kingdom above all else.”

It is twenty five years, a milestone in the journey
A winding road with gladness and challenges
Keep walking threading the narrow path
Neither hope nor faith evades.

Graces upon graces I have acknowledged
These sustain and give me strength
Receiving Him in the Eucharist
Makes my life complete

Gratitude is the memory of my heart
Foremost is God who called me to the Religious life
Formators, Superiors, Spiritual Directors
They molded me spiritually and wholly
Leading me to Jesus the Lord, my beloved.

Additional photos from the celebration of our 60th year of Mission in Australia can be seen in our latest Facebook Album.

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