Rejoice with the risen Christ!

In the morning,

We have been following Jesus and contemplating the drama of the Paschal mystery, His passion and death. We have gone through the painful, sorrowful events that have happened in His life. Today, however, we are rejoicing because He is alive!  Yes, He is risen from the dead!

Jesus’ resurrection gives us hope that death is not the final end to everything. We can look beyond death as it is the entry to life eternal – a life with God.  Our faith in God leads us someday to the fullness of life, in the life to come.  Yet, we are also challenged to experience the fullness of life now: a life of truth, a life of love. Our end will come and it will happen in the place and time that God has destined for us.  Death will not keep us away from God.  On the contrary, it only brings us closer to God so that we are with him forever as our final journey and destination. Let us be ready and be optimistic during our life travels back to Him.

Through Jesus, God reminds us to travel light and to only bring what is necessary for our eternal life. During Lent we are challenged to fast, to abstain, to find ways to  ‘unload’ the many things in our life and to retain those things that are really important. We let go and, in doing so, we let God be the ultimate precious treasure we possess in our heart and spirit. To become closer to Him is the most important thing in life.

Can we possess God?  It is possible if we desire Him to come into our life. Jesus promised His disciples – and to us all – that He is with us always until the end of time. In fact, we are the ones who wander away, tired, and do not let God fully be a part of our life. We can be lacking in our commitment and consequently fail in our divine connection with Him. It is us that ignores Him, distracted by so many things and/or people around us. Look around, He is truly with us, especially in those who are most in need of our help.  Now is the right time to come back to Him and rejoice that God is always present with us.

We pray to God for our perseverance, faithfulness and untiring efforts to do His will for us in the right time and place. He will give us the gift of wisdom and understanding of what is good and the best for us. Let us humbly and patiently wait for when that time comes.  Let us be open to what our journey offers us each day. Listen to His voice so that we may hear how to accomplish His will for us.

There are special moments when our hearts burn with joy because we feel His love – He is divine love after all –  and we learn to love in return. This love within our hearts is a pure gift from God. As we feel His presence, we feel that His love surrounds us. Like in the resurrection story, the disciples and friends whom Jesus loved were in distress, depressed, extremely in pain and deep sorrow during His passion and death. Losing someone who is so close, a good friend and a great leader, amplifies their mourning all the more. See how Jesus found ways to meet them after His resurrection from the dead.  He wanted to ease their pain.  Their sorrow turned to joy with His appearance on that glorious Easter day. He comforted them and spent time with them before He ascended to go to the Father.

We may experience darkness once again in our life but every time we are in those moments, when the world seems to have collapsed around us, we must wait for the daylight to come. The brightness of the day will come to conquer the darkness in us.  Let us celebrate and rejoice in the days of His resurrection, a time that offers us a new life in Christ.

Happy Easter to each and everyone of you. The resurrected Christ is our guide, our strength, the source of our inspiration, hope, and love. Peace!

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