Lenten journey with the Lord

Calvary. Image courtesy of pixabay.com

The 40 days journey with the Lord this Lent is almost over. We are approaching the climax of this season on His passion and death, leading onwards to His resurrection.  Lent is a big challenge for us as we plan how we will mark it with different initiatives – personal or in common with others – that helps to remind us of the importance and the value of our Catholic tradition.

The everyday scriptural readings will rightly guide us to follow Christ and to journey with Him, from His  death and His rising from the dead on Easter day. The readings give us a good source for connecting with the Lord in our daily encounter with Him. The readings that we contemplate help us to grow our spiritual life and to grow as a person of God.  God never fails us to show His mercy and compassion to His friends and especially to those who are most in need. This is an expression of the greatness of His love for us.

There are many things to reflect upon in these days of our Lenten journey:

  • Repentance is a word that challenges us. God is asking us to come back to Him and to change our stony heart to a heart filled with His love.
  • Preparation is another word that we have to live during this season of Lent. We prepare ourselves everyday for what has been offered for that day.
  • Accompaniment is another way of being as we journey with Jesus in His sorrow, darkness, and loneliness.  It is there that we accompany Jesus in His low moments. The readings also accompany us to encounter the suffering Christ.  We see Him and how He was able to face death threats, betrayal, rejection from His friends, His last days, His life sentence to death in front of the crowd, His farewell to His mother and other women, and His death.

The heavy situations of Jesus’ life in this Lenten journey teach us how we may face our difficulties, pains, sufferings and when we lose somebody in our life. We have to look at Jesus with faith in Him so that we may gain strength to overcome these challenges in life.

Jesus assures us that love conquers everything no matter what darkness there is (to come) in our life. We put our total trust in Jesus because He will guide us in the right way we have to follow. When we fall He helps us to rise again and continue the journey.  He gives unlimited chances for us to have life to the full and to live with Him.

Let us challenge ourselves to never tire of rising  again and again as we journey onwards with Him during Lent and beyond, in the life that God has given to us.


Most compassionate Lord,
I am grateful for your love.
You give me strength when I am weak.
You give me hope when I am down
and about to give up.
You comfort me when I am in deep sorrow.
You forgive me when I fall
and when I have failed to choose You.
You find me when I am  lost.

I am grateful for your love.
I am grateful for Your presence.
It is You who gives me an inspiration to live.
It is Your love that saves me.

Jesus, I need You,
Jesus help me,
Jesus protect and guide my day.


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