In the name of God’s love

Faith, hope and love. Image courtesy of

We are born for a good reason that God loves us through and through. Day by day He is moulding our heart with His love, patience and hope, touching every detail of our experiences with His love.  In our heart His love gives us strength and inspiration. He is our life giving support for every battle that we are challenged to face. Because of His great love for us, He offered His all – everything for us – for our salvation. He never tires of loving us and offering forgiveness for us even in the times when we are weak and fragile, and in the many times when we ignore and choose not to love Him.

Last Thursday, 14 February, was St Valentine’s Day and God’s love is the reason why we celebrate this ‘heart day’. It is not only for those who are lovers, partners, sweethearts or husband and wife.  We must consider, above all, the love of God because He is the source of all love. Without God as the basic and root cause of love, we cannot really know what true love is. Giving love and accepting love is the joy of one’s heart because it comes from the main source of love, Jesus. He never gets tired of loving us.  He gets our attention and has many ways to show His love to win our heart. There are moments when we never pay attention to His presence – we are so distracted by unnecessary things in our life, things that are not really important. Keeping our being with Him entails total trust, sacrifice, self giving, commitment and perseverance.

Let us spend a moment, right now, in thanking God for loving us and for His grace in sending us people who have taught us to love and care. Spending quality time with Him in prayer is important.

Even though it may be challenge, now is also a good time to reach out to people for whom we feel less love.  It is good to celebrate God’s love everyday and to reach out to our beloved ones, the dead and the living, in prayer and in holy acts of love through inspirational gestures.

Only the love of God can give us complete joy – a joy that will last forever and conquer any obstacles, difficulties, pains, sorrows in life, because in loving there is God. If there is love there is joy that we live the beauty and the fullness of life.  In the name of God’s love, peace reigns in our heart.


Jesus you are here in my heart.

I am like a candle melting
When I feel the warmth of your love.

Let me love You more and more each day.

Each day with You is my valentine.
Your love inspires me to live life and give life for others.

Let me see you in the presence of others
So that they keep reminding me of Your loving them too.

Continue to inspire me in loving and sharing Your love for others
As I put my trust in you.

You, O Lord, are the complete expression of all love.


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