Longing for Jesus

Alpha Omega. Copyright Greg Olsen. Image found in gallery at turnbacktogod.com

It is part of our human nature to relate to one another. We long for and need each other’s presence because we want to be with the other, connected and part of their life.  It make us feel better, good and contented. In being with the other, the one in whom we have trust and with whom we are comfortable, we do not feel so alone and their joy is also the joy in our own heart. Relating with others gives us an inspiration, encouragement and helps us to keep on going, feeling energized with a reason to live.

We feel the fullness of life when we are loved by someone who understands us, and who accepts who we are, including all of our weaknesses. Our hearts deeply long for this person, the one who completes our whole being and is the reason to live life to the fullest and for the better.

In my life, I identify this One as God who keeps me loving, who is the One who keeps my being filled with life. Thinking of God each moment makes our day to day living complete and we deeply feel unfathomable joy. He is there for us always.  God is our life, the ultimate One in whom we have trusted and believed. Each day I long for God, and this longing for His presence is my joy.  His eyes never leave me, especially when I am down.  Even when I feel distant from Him, He is there, close by. As mentioned in the Sacred Scriptures, Jesus also longed for the presence of the Father in heaven and that is why He is constantly in communion with his Father, day and night, at every moment. He is longing for and being in communion with Him in prayer. He has an unlimited connection with God, each in Divine Communion with the other.

Through Jesus’ constant connection with His Father, the presence of God is also there when He is relating with the people. He is always in contact with them and showing His compassion and mercy to anybody, especially to those most in need of help. He never omits to communicate with His Father and with us.

Jesus is always communicating with the Father. When He saw the crowd following Him, He felt compassion as if His heart were melting seeing the flock in need of a shepherd who would take care of their needs. The people long for Jesus’ presence, His words, His healing, His good deeds, His love.  To this day, we among His small flock following Him are also longing for His presence and for His love to make our hearts be at peace and full of joy.


Lord Jesus Christ,
You are the source of our life.
You are our inspiration.
You make our hearts filled with Your love.
Teach us each day to love You more and more.
Keep our hearts full of love for the people
With whom we live and who we meet every day.
Thank you for the blessings of each day,
Keeping our faith alive for the better.
Thank you for the occasions we have
to share Your love for others.
In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Image Credit: Central image of Greg Olsen’s painting, Alpha Omega, found in a gallery at turnbacktogod.com

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