The power of mind

Pensive woman. Image courtesy of pixabay.comSome would say ‘you are what you eat’, others would say ‘ you are what you say’, but I would say ‘you are what you think’ .The subject of a man’s thought contributes so much to the formation of his character. God our creator has stored within our minds great potential strength and ability, which makes us unique among all animals. “He breathed his life-giving breath into our nostrils and the man began to live”. (Gen 2:7) The Creator has infused his own spirit within us. Yes, a divine spirit dwells in us which could surpass all the challenges.

A similar idea is expressed by Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam in his work, The Wings of Fire:

We are all born with a divine fire in us. Our efforts should be to give wings to this fire and fill the world with the glow of its goodness.

Really our thoughts have tremendous energy which is scientifically called The Power of Mind. Unfortunately most of us are quite unaware of it or do not properly make use of it. This power can be channelled either in a constructive or destructive manner.

For an ordinary man, this power is a continuous choice between good or bad. Certainly no good has ever come from evil thinking. In the Old Testament we see the fall of David. He was a righteous man before the Lord and the people in the beginning. But when his thoughts turned to evil, his deeds followed it. The end was his destruction. Good thoughts always nurture our mind with a positive energy, which in turn results in good deeds. It is also visible in the life of Susanna of the Old Testament. She was tempted to commit sin in all means. Though she realized she was trapped, her choice was to stand for the good. Later she was rewarded. Yes, if we nurture our mind with good thoughts, it will flourish and will turn to good deeds.

Psychologists say that ‘The power of mind’ gains its sublime fruitfulness under proper training of the mind and thoughts. They put forward two ways to empower it. The first means is meditation and contemplation. Indian Yogis have known the value of deep meditation for centuries. They suggest that it is the way to listen to our inner voice or divine call.

The world has also witnessed this power of mind through a humble woman, Mother Teresa, who challenged the whole physical and material wealth of the world through her committed service towards the marginalized and outcast:

Her daily meditation before the Holy Eucharist enriches her to offer herself for the poorest of the poor. It was her thinking that she would give back to them their dignity as children of God.   — ‘I Thirst’ by Jacques Gauthier

The second means to empower the mind is the adversities of life experiences. Footprints of the great personalities of history remind us that adversities of life can empower the mind and can change the challenges to stepping stones to success. Helen Keller, who was deaf, dumb and blind was the author of several books and was also a university graduate. Beethoven composed some of his best music when he was stone deaf. Shakespeare wrote Hamlet, his best tragedy when tortured by gout. A short glance at their life’s adversities shows how these gave them the courage to meet their troubles as a simple but great source of power. It is also admirable to see people surpassing their adversities around us, such as a one-legged man hopping on crutches, selling some wares to earn his living. Our mind gets strengthened at the moments of crisis and difficulties.

So the power of mind is beyond the human intelligence, physical health and material wealth. It has a creative energy which you can use to change your life as well as other’s lives. Your thoughts pass from the conscious mind to sub-conscious mind which in turn influences your actions. Psychologists have proved that many illnesses can be traced to a disturbed mind. So remember, what you are and what you may become is fully dependent on what you think.

Sr Savitha, fdz

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