A zest for living

Joyful woman. Image courtesy of pixabay.com

Have you ever wondered why some people never reach their goals while others have continued success? I could say that anyone who has accomplished anything worthwhile in their life has never done so without self-motivation whether in arts, sports, athletics, academic or business. People without motivation try to do everything but commit themselves to nothing – they are like steam that does not move the engine unless it is confined. Of course they might have confronted problems but the attitude they have taken makes the difference. Psychologists say “there is nothing more powerful for self-motivation than the right attitude.” You cannot choose or control your circumstances, but you can choose your attitude towards circumstances.

There are people who, out of their difficulties, lead a very joyful life. How do they do that? They keep a zest for living. One such person is the well-known American writer, William Sayer. At the age of 23 he became paralyzed from the shoulders down on account of polio. Without a breathing aid he could not even breathe. His handicap certainly did not make him a complaining or unhappy person. He kept a zest for living… His motivation and willpower overcame all his difficulties. Every afternoon he worked on his writings lying in bed and typing them on an electric typewriter with a breathing aid in his mouth. Out of all his difficulties he wrote numerous short stories, articles and even novels for children.

What I would like to say is that most people, when problems knock at their door, just try to escape from them or else face them with lamentations and lead a very unhappy life. Why can’t we take a different step? The former president and famous motivational speaker Late A.P.J Abdul Kalam says “Man needs difficulties in life, they are necessary to enjoy the success.” So what we need is a zest for living.

Here are five tips to encourage self-motivation and commitment in our personal life. While you are developing these mental steps, and utilizing them regularly, self-motivation will naturally grow in you:

  1. Know the potentials within you: Have a clear awareness about one’s own strengths and weaknesses. Promote the strengths and accept the weaknesses.
  2. Be optimistic: Always try to see an opportunity in every difficulty. An optimist does her best and hopes for the best.
  3. Keep on learning: Always desire to learn from every experience in life that you come across, whether it is success or failure. In this way failure will also brighten your life.
  4. Develop a sense of humour: A man with a good sense of humour can hardly go to hell. Because in smiles and laughter there is health, wealth and happiness. It radiates joy, and spreads sunshine where there is gloom. So keep your problems in their own places and welcome all with a smile on your face.
  5. Build up healthy relationships: Make more regular encounters with positive and self-motivated people. This could be as simple as chats where you could share your thoughts and help friends get motivated. Seeing others do well will motivate you to do the same.

Problems are a part of life but the most important thing in life is not to capitalize on your gains, but to profit from your losses. That requires intelligence and it makes the difference between a self-motivated and ordinary man. So play your role well, however small it is. Let your footprints not be just the mark of a heel. Let them be imprints of a great soul.

Sr Savitha, fdz

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