Christ is Born!

Baby. Image courtesy of

The Child is born come let us adore Him!

We are excited to celebrate jubilantly the birth of Christ, the most awaited time and day of the year has come. It is the big event in our human history. People from all walks of life are invited to come and join in the joyful moment of His birthday. We will be there in the banquet prepared for us at the start of this big day of thanksgiving for the gift of Jesus for us all, with gratitude in each and every heart.  Jesus is here and His birth brings joy to the world. He is the good news once announced by the Archangel Gabriel to Mary. Mary’s humility and generous “Fiat” (the “Yes”!) made possible the birth of the Son of God into our world.

Christmas is the most celebrated of all celebrations. It is good to give thanks for God’s presence in our lives. In amongst all kinds of parties, celebrations and wrapped gifts it is Jesus who is the true essence of Christmas. Indeed, He is the best present given to us by the Father. God gives us His beloved son.

Undeniably, the Christmas season is when we have more celebrations and there is lots of gift giving.  The material gifts we offer, receive and share are a part of the season’s celebrations – through these the giver offers a representation of their love, affection and care for the other.  It counts a lot when we can give and share spiritual gifts with the other, showing our love, affection and care through our presence, a phone call, a chat, a meal, and especially a prayer.  Even at the time of Jesus’ birth, the Holy Family received the best gift from the shepherds who were the first to visit the baby Jesus, paying homage with the gift of their presence.  Later, the three wise men gave their best gifts too for the newborn baby on that Christmas day so long ago.

God has given us Jesus as the best gift we can ever receive.  Let us, then, give back to others what Jesus has taught us. Let us not forget that the very essence of Christmas is Christ.  He is the centre of it all.  We have Christmas because of the birth of Christ. Christ is born for us!  Let that thought rest deeply in our hearts and let His love be born there to grow and be shared with others throughout our life!


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