True peace

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To live in peace is a great challenge. Since the time of Jesus peace is a call to live with faith. It was one of the most significant greetings of Jesus to the Apostles, especially when He appeared to them after His resurrection.  “Peace!” – such a simple word but the most urgent one in our world.  At that time, Jesus was encouraging the Apostles to liberate their hearts from deep sorrow and depression; to ease their fears and pains. As He promised, He proved to them that He was alive. He gave them reassurance of His presence and He gave them hope for the best of their lives.  Until now the whole world has been praying for peace and craving for justice and unity. Each nation has different ways and plans of how to live and promote peace.

Having true peace is a big challenge. Let us start in our own selves to be the instrument and bearer of Christ’s peace. The little things we can do in promoting peace is good enough to start our day. We  are surrounded with challenges everyday – so let us be the first one to be at peace.  The peaceful place is within us, inside our heart.  It is in safekeeping when we are connected with God because if we are in God’s presence we are assured that we are at peace. When we have peace with the members of our family, peace in the community may also reign.

Once again we are reminded that this word of Jesus is so important…PEACE. Pray for peace and let us look at Jesus who is the Prince of Peace. With and in Jesus there is always peace. He is our hope when we are in trouble. We trust in Him because to live in peace is possible. As the lyrics of the song goes:

When there’s no peace on earth. There is peace in Christ.

To be always living in peace and with a peace in our heart … is when Christ is at the centre of our life as He always reigns in our heart. If there is peace deep inside of us, love and joyful living manifests in us.  Let us ask Jesus for help to live in peace.

Prayer to Live in Peace

Lord Jesus, we pray to You to make us Your instruments of Peace.
May we continue to be hopeful that peace here on earth is possible.
Though we are surrounded with worldly things, and that living in peace can be a challenge for us, may we never get tired praying for and living the value of peace.
Your grace is enough for us to overcome every temptation that is taunting us to live in misery.
Keep us holding on with our great faith in You as You are our strength, redeemer, consoler and refuge.

Lord Jesus Prince of Peace, have mercy on us!

— Sr Cielo Tanio, fdz

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