Remembering all saints

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Today, 01 November, we commemorate All Saints Day. The communion of saints is a Catholic teaching in which all the faithful is formed into one body of Christ the Church and Jesus himself is the head. In the Church we are made holy and consecrated to God through our baptism and share the same faith. The saints are the faithful who have gone ahead of us and are now enjoying the heavenly vision. In the Church we are called to care for the welfare of each other through prayers and works of charity. The saints can intercede for us and on our part we can imitate their examples to live a life of holiness (CCC 946-962).

For us spiritual daughters and sons of Saint Annibale Maria di Francia:

…we proclaim celestial Daughters of Divine Zeal and Rogationists those female and male saints we honour, love, admire, invoke, believing that in their lifetime here on earth they worked and prayed for good labourers in the Holy Church. By this proclamation they become our celestial vocations. (AR)

Our beloved founder urges us to foster great devotion to the saints so as to obtain spiritual benefits, protection and holy vocations in the Church.

Let us be reminded to promote great love to the saints – not to promote halloween!

Sr Corazon Sacmar fdz

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