In the school of Christ

Jesus with Apostles. Image courtesy of turnbacktogod.comThe month of October is dedicated to honour the teachers. We give thanks to them for their continues self-giving sacrifices, patience, creativity and their total dedication in the field of teaching. We celebrate it with a prayer of gratitude to God for the teachers who are doing their best in service and for those who are not doing well still we continue to pray that they have a good heart to try doing their best for their students as an inspiration.

We give thanks too for the first teachers we had: our parents who taught us to love and live the best of our life. They gave their best for us, moulded us to bring out the best in us to become a beautiful person. If not for them we would not be here. They continue to accompany us in our journey of life and prayer.

Above all we give thanks to the best teacher in life, Jesus. In the school of Christ we are all invited: youth, adults, men, women, children – everybody.  Here we are enrolled without fees. We start learning from Him from the beginning of our life. He gives us free, total service and dedication. Our very self and presence is very important to be in His school. He is so innovative in His way of teaching us as He uses different strategies.  Jesus as a teacher is good with theories, common sense and the practicality of life. For example, He uses parables most often, showing His good example immediately for the urgent needs of a certain situation.  He uses actual simple material things as an example for an immediate solution of a problem.  He applies these in different teaching places such as along the seashore, on the mountain, on the field, on the sea, river, plaza and in the synagogue as a formal place of teaching.   In the school of Christ is a higher level way of learning about life and love to become a better and better person.

Jesus is effective in His teaching because He has the words of eternal life. With Christ as the teacher we do not feel bored. We look forward to the next encounter with Him because He is the truth, the way and gives life to His divine words. As a teacher He gives joy to His followers. The school of Christ is a lifetime of learning and commitment leading us to the holiness of life as a goal.  Being a student our whole self is being moulded by His love as the core of His teaching. It is a day to day learning to live love as the centre of all His teachings and learn to be love and love in return because He wants us to live a joyful life following Him.  In the school of Christ we are evaluated according to how we live love in life as a part of our final ending.

In the school of Christ there are different subjects offered – these are gifts offered to us, and they are freely given by the Lord. No one misses out. We have to discover what is the particular gift(s) given to us so that we may master it as we live it in our life. This will identify us as gifted with a particular virtue like generosity, patience, kindness, faithfulness, truthfulness, obedience and many others.  However, first of all we have to humble ourselves to accept the gift(s). They are given to be shared for the common good of others.  We need to pray and ask Jesus about what is our particular virtue.

In the school of Christ we enjoy His presence and His teachings. If we learn in the school of Christ we gain a life full of knowledge, understanding, wisdom, piety, fear of the Lord, fortitude, and counsel. As we journey with Christ He gives us strength for those times when we encounter many challenges and failures.  We learn how to handle, face, accept, overcome and stand up to these difficulties or failures so that we can continue living with a joyful hope and in giving life for others.  He teaches us how to persevere in faith, hope and love until the end of the journey because He has promised us to be with us always until the end of time.

Let us continue learning in the school of Christ from Jesus who is the best teacher of all.

Prayer to our Divine Teacher

Divine Teacher,
We thank You for teaching us how to live this life full of challenges.
You are always with us as you have promised.
Your love keeps us holding on and on as we continue this journey of growing in our faith, hope and love.

Bear with us as our weaknesses are part of our being a human.
We say ‘Thank You’ that your grace is enough for us to survive our daily endeavour.
Continue to protect us and remind us that You are the source of our inspiration in life.
Make us humble to accept Your will for us as we keep following You as our life and love.


— Sr Cielo Tanio, fdz

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