The Divine Healer

Jesus, healer, mercy. Image courtesy of

Many centuries have passed since Jesus walked upon the earth and His stories continue to be effective and bring inspiration into one’s life. Every time I read them in the Bible they are still fresh and bring out new things, especially in His healing ministry where He is in touch with the people with various illnesses. Upon His visit to towns and villages, he cured different kinds of sickness, whether these were physical, mental, moral, or spiritual.  Many were restored from their problems – He even brought the dead back to life.

So, how does He cure the sick? It is His comforting words, merciful acts, loving-gentle touch and the use of simple material things.  He is the Divine Healer – the Divine Doctor.

To this day, the power of Jesus is effective even if He is no longer physically here with us.  Our faith brings us to continue asking Him for His helping hand. Maybe there are many times when we do not pay much attention to the fact that Jesus is here for us, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on call and on duty. Many times we are not aware that He has rescued us from simple or severe sickness.  He always helps us and give us chances to live a new life. We are healed and cured physically and/or spiritually because we believe in Him.  Miracles do happen in our life and in the life of others.

I once visited a doctor after which I had felt healed because of her comforting words, and her gentle attentiveness. It made me realize just how important it was that she had given me her very presence.  Even though she had a lot of patients, and considering how tired she was at that moment, she still managed to give me her full attention to ease my pains, doubts and sufferings. How she dealt with her patients, her hospitality to make us feel comfortable, her welcoming, approachable attitude and her composure made me even more appreciative. It was no wonder that she had a lot of patients every single day.

Jesus gives all of Himself to us, individually paying attention to our every need. We need to remember that we can depend on Jesus, our immediate healer. We should not forget that Jesus is the best doctor of all time. Even though at times we may not be totally physically cured of our sickness, surely we are healed in a different way, in a higher form, through His spiritual healing of us. Such circumstances make us understand that we need to accept what life offers us. The most important thing, however, is that we never forget God.  God will never leave us alone and lonely – we are assured that He is there for us and always will be with us.

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