Desires of the heart

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Today (05 July) is the day on which our Father Founder, St Annibale, was born in Messina, Italy in 1851.  Imagine that moment when his mother and father first lovingly beheld this little child, like a delicate white rose, so beautiful in its simplicity and purity.  Who was to know how the desires of his heart would be formed throughout his life? Let us reflect upon the human experience of our heart’s inspiration…

In the wilderness of silence
Thoughts of wonders arise
Dreams and desires
In one’s life

Life belongs to God
Given to us momentarily
To care and live to the fullest
For once to traverse the earth

Dreams and desires one can make
To grow in faith steadfastly
To love with dignity
To follow Christ wholeheartedly

These desires are simple but profound
To a sincere heart
With pure intentions
Not only for oneself but for others

Dreams are fulfilled surprisingly
Not with one’s strength
But with God’s grace
They will be made possible, become a reality

Let us pray and desire from our hearts
God will listen and knows our needs
He will answer without delay
Not in our time but in His time

Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord; trust in Him, and He will act. (Ps 37:4-5)

Fr. Hannibal describes his experience of receiving the inspiration of the Rogate with these words:

There was a person who paid specific attention to this divine command before he read it in the Gospel, and began his career with this attention… A great sublime idea that the spirit of God, who blows wherever he wishes it to, inspired to a young man in the beginning of his spiritual youth, many years before he started the pious institution…

From these words we can realize that Fr. Hannibal recognized that indeed it was the Spirit’s dynamic presence that inspired him with this sublime gift for the Church for the salvation of souls. With this inspiration Fr. Hannibal did not leave any stone unturned so as to make this special gift, charism from the Spirit, be buried in the ground, but rather put into a produce of a hundredfold. Thus whatever his sons and daughters do as mission in the Church at this present time are but just coming from that original inspiration of Fr. Hannibal. In a unique way Fr. Hannibal in his life and works responded to the gift of the Rogate.*

This divine inspiration was the life-giving force to the desires of St Annibale’s heart.  What are yours?

*Source: A Day Dedicated to the Father Founder, Presented by Bros. Rogie Quinga,Tommy Latina, Kristian Taok, Michael Leynes,RG Cagbabanua, Carlo Balaguer & Antonio Nocellado Jr. to the FDFCS Community, 09 September 2012

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