Love is a gift

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On the eve of the Feast of The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus (08 June) and the Feast of The Immaculate Heart of Mary (09 June), let us reflect upon the greatest gift of these two Divine Hearts – love.

The reason why we are born is no accident.   We are here because of love. We are gifted with God’s love. It is in our being, in our heart, so we partake and access His love daily in our life. We experience God’s generosity of loving us, of being concerned for us, of showing us that we are His beloved one.  We are the object of His love and this is His legacy to us to celebrate and give love in return.

There are many times when we are not aware of God’s manifestation of loving us because we tend to look for big things that happen in our life.  However, there are a lot of simple, little, but important things that occur in our life that we do not always recognise.  Perhaps it is within our daily routine.  Oftentimes these go unnoticed and/or taken for granted, like the fresh air we breathe, the water we drink, the daily food we take in, the care of our parents, the smile of a friend, the help from others and much more.

Awareness of what is in the everyday happenings of our life is also the awareness of God’s intervention in our life.  This is important because when we are aware of what is going on in our life, we can recognise His touch and His very presence. If we are aware of His presence we are challenged to live in His presence. We are never alone nor should be afraid because He is there with and for us, even in the midst of our daily challenges on our journey. He makes our life full of  meaning, joyful and worth living.

What of those who forget that they are loved by God? What of those people who choose not to love? Let us continue to pray for them and show that God loves them and takes care of them. This is sometimes not very easy to do because it can be hard to convince a person that he or she is loved by God.  God’s love can be manifested through the love and care of the people who are with them in their life.

Since God’s love is a gift for us we can offer that gift of love to others throughout our life. This is a great challenge, a daily commitment and a choice to continue witnessing the gift of God’s love. Loving God is loving also ourselves. When we choose God, we choose love because love is God and God is love.

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