333 – Most Holy Trinity

The Holy Trinity

Mighty God, three in One.
Help us to understand the mystery of Your Trinity.
Open our minds to contemplate You as three persons united, and to love You in Your Oneness.
You are the Master – Powerful, All-wise, and All-good.

God the Father, Creator of the universe and our beautiful world.
You are revealed by the Son and the Holy Spirit.
You are the Beginning, the Source, the ever and always present Life – the Alpha and the Omega.
You are the Great Designer, the Sustainer of all things, the Awesome Intelligence of existence.

God the Son, You sit at the Father’s right hand.
You became Man to share in our human experience, and to suffer for our sins.
Risen Triumphant.  Our Brother, our Best Friend, our Redeemer – You saved us from eternal death.
You are the embodiment of love and sacrifice – You are our life’s template.

God the Holy Spirit, You are the invisible fire of life.
The voice of reason, wisdom, knowledge, hope, and love whispering in our souls.
You weave all into being – from the deepest depths to the highest heights.
Come, and breathe Your healing breath on us – infuse the world with a hunger for God.

Together You are bonded in eternal Love, and wish us to be one with You.
Together You made us in Your image and want us to reflect Your being.
Together You plead for us to return to You in this life, so that we may return to You in our death.
Together You contemplate our modern ways, and realise how many have forgotten You.

Trinity Triumphant – help us to remember You and call upon You in our ordinary lives.
Trinity of Peace – impress upon us the need to connect with You in silence.
Trinity of Power – give us wisdom and strength to know that we do not have to live alone.
Trinity of Time – give us our final reward of eternity with You in Heaven.


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Image Credit: The Holy Trinity, Antonio de Pereda, [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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