The Passover feast

Priest with Eucharist. Image courtesy of

Holy Thursday is one of the significant moments in the life of Jesus with his friends – particularly the Apostles. It is a big day for them because they celebrated the Passover feast. A part of their celebration was the Passover Meal, the first day of the Festival of the Unleavened Bread, and this was the last meal of Jesus with the Apostles – the Last Supper.

During the Last Supper, Jesus’ promise of the Eucharist to His disciples was instituted by Him as a living memorial of His presence for us. Every time we celebrate the Mass, Jesus is real and alive in the Sacraments, in the minister – the priest – and the Eucharist – the bread and wine – and the Word of God proclaimed.

The occasion of Holy Thursday is the twin birthing of the two Sacraments, the Holy Eucharist and the Priesthood. These two Sacraments are inseparable and neither can exist without the other – they go together. The celebration of the Eucharist is impossible to happen without the existence of the priest who administers the Mass.  The priest as a minister is also useless without a daily commitment of the celebration of the Mass. The vocation to priesthood is very significant because they are the witnesses of Christ’s presence, while the Eucharistic Celebration is the partaking of the body and blood of Christ in us.

As a sign of the great love of Jesus Christ for us, He allowed Himself to be united and in communion with us in these Sacraments of Priesthood and Holy Eucharist. We are blessed people because He is always with us, especially when we participate in the Holy Eucharist. Jesus Christ is available and spends time with us. Jesus’ assured and everlasting love shows us how much He loves us – until even to the giving up of His life.

Let us make our life a living witness of God’s joyful love. We grow in our faith through persevering and constancy in our prayer everyday. Always be connected with God and in difficult moments of life you will not falter. He is with us all of the time.

Remember that the Eucharist and the Priesthood is born from the most loving heart of Jesus. After the Last Supper, Jesus gives authority to the Apostles as priests being formed to minister the Eucharist and they are given the power to consecrate the body and blood of Christ, the bread broken and shared with us.

Usually in every diocese, Holy Thursday is the celebration of the Chrism Mass.  Priests coming from different parishes as part of the diocese gather together and they make a renewal of commitment for their priestly service.

Let us continue to pray for the sanctity of all priests so that their hearts may be formed burning with the love of God.

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