Man with dignity

St Annibale Maria Di Francia

Man with dignity is fully alive
Created by God
Loved by God
A child of God

God given talents you have received
Use them to the fullest
Achieve the best result
Through them God be glorified

Love as God loves you
Forgive as you have been forgiven
Accept others as brother and sister in Christ
Respect and recognize Jesus in your heart

Man of dignity
Every man can bear much fruit
Do not be separated from God
For in Him you will flourish and be fulfilled

Hold firm in the faith and share
With others who have strayed and lost their way
They need to move on, see and be embraced
Precious man with dignity

Tomorrow it will be 140 years (16 March 1878) since our Father Founder, St Annibale Maria Di Francia, was ordained a priest by Archbishop Monsignor Joseph Guarino in the Church of the Holy Spirit in Messina, Italy.

St Annibale, pray for us!  We thank God for your example as a child of God, living life to the fullest and with love and dignity within your own soul and for your neighbour.

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